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Come see us in person at the Pie Jacked Bakery at 1105 S Mays St, #200 in Round Rock, TX.  Come check out our goodies.  Some things you can only find in at our bakery.


All the taste of tradition without the gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, or corn!  Why? Because we are going on 5 generations of pie makers in our family, and that tradition is very important to us.  When several of our family members, including some of the youngest, tested positive for many food allergies, we had to rethink what we served at our table.  Out of all the food sacrifices we made, pie wasn't something we could give up.  So, Mama Joyce, 3rd generation pie maker, started dabbling with her recipes and years of knowledge to come up with a crust that is just as tender and flakey as the farm house original.  Our family has been able to enjoy pies again without the side effects to our health that our food allergies cause.


We use fine quality real fruits for our natural fruit fillings and avoid GMO products, opting for real cane sugar that is vegan friendly, and natural alternatives to corn as just a couple of examples.  Our crusts are a magical blend of gluten-free flours and non-hydrogenated natural and organic vegan shortenings.


Our pies were created from a place of love and family, and we are happy to finally share them with you and your family. 


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